Problems with the ultimate journey

>>Saying adieu to my girlfriend was brutal. I had spent the four happiest year of my life with Sarah, but I had no interest in an office life, and Sarah was too sensible to want to cycle the world, so compromise never seemed possible for either of us. It was inevitable that a crunch time would arrive. While I scrimped and saved and planned for my journey, Sarah leaped into the racing currents of the career world and we slowly drifted apart without my realizing it. It was only when the moment of goodbye arrived that I realised how huge a part of my life she was, and how just deeply I loved her. Crying uncontrollably I tried to reassure myself that my anguish was just a sign of commitment to my journey. But that was rubbish. I was throwing away the best days of my life with my best friend for a bloody bike ride. I had never been as lonely as I watched her drive away the last time. <<

Alastair Humphreys - Moods of Future Joys: Around the World by Bike - Part 1 (Eye Books, 2007)

28.6.14 03:31


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